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Hello Vesuvio-ans and AS&C-ians!

Do we have any “Whole30” wanna-dos out there?

I became a Certified Whole30 Coach in January. To help get the word out, I’m offering all current – and potential – members of CrossFit Vesuvio/Atlanta Strength&Conditioning a FREE 32-day Whole30 Coaching Program, beginning Sunday March 11.

We will get together as a Group, either in person or virtually, once a week.  I will share all the things I’ve learned from doing 7 Whole30s, as well as living Whole30 most of the time.  These include tips and tricks, recipes, work arounds, encouragement – along with some tough talk!  You can do this.

Whole30 is not a diet. It doesn’t require calorie counting, food weighing or portion limitations. The goal of Whole30 is to reset eating habits such that a personalized healthy eating lifestyle becomes a natural way of being.

Whole30 is a serious commitment. The old proverb, “nothing worth doing is easy” is absolutely true. But you know this from your fitness training. Am I right?

Reply here or to with questions or interest.

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