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About me

Edward R. “Ned” Moore, Jr., CFA

Ned Moore is based in Atlanta, Ga. His full time job is serving as a registered investment adviser. In his late 20’s, during graduate school, he successfully battled a brain stem tumor. He counted his blessings and moved on. For the next 20 years he was career focused, living in four different cities while climbing the corporate ladder. Gradually, though, he grew heavier and less healthy. In his 40’s he had a bout with pericarditis (a heart-related condition), followed by several kidney stones and chronic aches in his elbows and shoulders. Eventually he was prescribed high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine.

Ned believed he was a “healthy eater” and belonged to a gym. But he never saw any substantial improvements in his health. A friend told him about how well the Whole30 had worked for him and his wife, so he decided to try it out. Over the next year his eating habits completely changed, as did his approach to food. He lost six inches and forty pounds, gained a fitter body composition while fundamentally changing his life. For Ned, Food Freedom Forever means abiding by Whole30 guidelines most of the time, with strict re-sets after vacations, or as needed. A regular fitness training program is also a key element.  Ned’s journey to improved health and well-being is one he did not foresee. He couldn’t be more grateful for how the Whole30 has changed his life. 

Whole30 is the anti-diet. It works because it changes habits and is meant to be a sustainable program. It will change your life.

What I can do for you

Whole30 Coaching

Learn the rules and requirements of the program. Get insights from an experienced Whole30-er on how to successfully complete a Whole30.

Non-Scale Victories (NSVs)

Sure, Whole30 often results in weight loss. But its about much more than just weight loss. It’s a reset of your eating habits that will Change. Your. Life.

Food ideas and Recipes

“It Starts with Food” is a core belief of Whole30. Learn how to plan, prep and cook delicious meals to help make your Whole30 enjoyable and satisfying.

Food Freedom Forever

Its only 30 days. Then what? Discover how one can continue to maintain a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle once the 30 days are over.

Health and Wealth

Both are better with the other. As a full-time investment professional, I also serve financial advisory clients.


I follow a structured and rigorous exercise program that has done wonders for my physicality, conditioning and self-esteem. If you’d like to boost your Whole30 results with a reinvigorated fitness regimen, I’d be happy to help get you on that path. Note: I am not a fitness coach.


“ Push the reset button with your health, habits, and relationship with food, and the downstream physical and psychological effects of the food choices you’ve been making. Learn how the foods you’ve been eating are actually affecting your day-to-day life, long term health, body composition, and feelings around food. The most important reason to consider doing a Whole30? This will change your life.”

Whole30 Coaching is Free! Every Tuesday @12:15 pm! W30 Compliant snacks provided!

The 30 Day Program

Be a part of my ongoing Group Coaching program
– Meal prep and recipes
– Tips and work arounds
– Dining out on Whole 30
– New Whole30 approved products

Meetings are every Tuesday @ 12:15. The address is 1640 Powers Ferry Rd Bldg 22 Suite 200 Marietta, Ga 30067. Contact me to reserve your space

After Whole 30

Be a part of my ongoing Group Coaching program
– Food Freedom Forever
– Reintroduction
– Discovering your food sensitivities
– Resets: Minis and Full

Meetings every Tuesday @ 12:15. The address is 1640 Powers Ferry Rd Bldg 22 Suite 200 Marietta, Ga 30067. Contact me to reserve your space

All are Welcome!

Let me help you complete a successful Whole30!
Join the ongoing Tuesday Group, or start your own.
All Whole30 Coaching is free of charge
Meetings are held in a professional office environment
Other venues may be available upon request
I want you to be as thrilled with Whole30 as I am!

Coaching may include any or all of the following:

  • Kitchen Tools, Gadgets & Equipment, Review and Recommendations
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Meal Prepping & Planning
  • Recipes & Cooking
  • Snacking
  • Being in Compliance
  • Working toward your Food Freedom

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